Mosaic 2.0 grant for research on juvenile rehabilitation in Suriname

Sabine de Vries receives a Mosaic 2.0 grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). With this grant she will research alternatives to criminal justice. Mosaic 2.0 focuses on underrepresented graduates with a migration background, and aims to promote an inclusive work environment within Dutch universities.

Mosaic 2.0 is part of the Impulse Program for Inclusion in Science. The PhD scholarship program is aimed at the group of graduates with a migration background from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America and Turkey, which is underrepresented in the Netherlands. For a research proposal NWO awards up to 315,000 euros within this grant. 

A total of thirteen grants have been awarded for the fellowship this year, for research across the breadth of science: from timely treatment of asymptomatic heart failure to community care for refugee women who have experienced sexual and gender-based violence. This round, one grant was awarded to a researcher at Radboud University. 

Juvenile restorative justice in Suriname

Sabine de Vries, Radboud University

This project revolves around the sensitive question: do we want to place delinquent youth in detention? This question is central to the Children First movement, which seeks alternatives to the juvenile justice system. Through historical, ethnographic and action research, the PhD candidate focuses on Suriname because it has a rich history of restorative justice which is not focused on punishment and retribution but on reparation and reconciliation. Viewed from a legal anthropological framework, both historical and contemporary forms of restorative justice are studied in order to set a new course for the juvenile justice system towards restoration and reconciliation.

More information about the Mosaic 2.0 grant can be found on the NWO site.

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