A field in the Ooijpolder
A field in the Ooijpolder

New publication on dynamics and dependencies in regional collaboration

The new open access publication by our colleagues Sabine Baumgarten, Noelle Aarts, Lotte Krabbenborg and co-author Jan Fliervoet provides insights into the temporal and relational dynamics of multi-stakeholder collaboration at the regional level.

This study explores how people in a local context mobilise other actors over time and across (organisational, professional, geographical) boundaries to trigger collective action for biodiversity restoration. The research team conducted a historical analysis between 1985 and 2022 and identified patterns and factors that have contributed to constructive multi-stakeholder collaboration in 'Ooijpolder-Groesbeek', a leading region for nature and landscape development in the Netherlands.

The study was conducted as part of the Living Lab Ooijpolder-Groesbeek – a transdisciplinary research project investigating the conditions for biodiversity restoration in rural areas, funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).
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