Publication of new book: ‘Building Capabilities for Earth System Governance’

Recently, associate professor Cristina Yumie Aoki Inoue, co-authored a new book called ‘Building Capabilities for Earth System Governance’. It’s part of the series ‘Elements in Earth System Governance’. 

Boekcover Building Capabilities for Earth System Governance

This volume develops a new Strategic Capabilities Framework for studying and steering complex socio-ecological systems. The central question is what are the most essential capabilities that should be fostered to address the fundamental 21st-century environmental challenges and Earth system transformations.

The aim is to innovate transformative ideas toward better climate and ocean governance that are of interest both to academics and policymakers in the field. The authors offer an alternative approach based on the assumption that global governance arrangements should be informed by the capabilities of communities involved.

The book is available as open access here: