Evan Zhao
Evan Zhao

Radboud - Glasgow Collaboration Grant for research on carbon and hydrogen storage

Evan Zhao, researcher in Magnetic Resonance Research Center within the Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) at Radboud University has been awarded an Radboud - Glasgow Collaboration Grant. This is a funding instrument of the partnership of Radboud University and Glasgow University to increase educational and research projects. Together with scientists from Glasgow University, Zhao aims to advance the Net Zero energy goals through NMR Spectroscopy with carbon and hydrogen storage innovations.

Net Zero engineering

The innovative project harnesses NMR spectroscopy to unlock molecular-level insights crucial for Net Zero engineering, particularly in carbon and hydrogen geological storage. With NMR, the research team will analyze CO2 interaction with geological formations, optimizing storage conditions and safety. For hydrogen storage, they will study molecular dynamics within materials, aiming for higher capacities and faster kinetics. “Our approach integrates Radboud's advanced NMR capabilities with Glasgow's expertise in fluid-rock interactions, allowing unprecedented visualization of microscale processes”, Dr. Evan Zhao says. Expected outcomes include a deep understanding of storage mechanisms, new materials for hydrogen storage, and improved models for CO2 storage prediction.

Magnetic Resonance Research Center 

Evan Wenbo Zhao is an Assistant Professor in the Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC). His group focuses on developing and applying operando NMR methods for studying electrochemical energy storage and conversion chemistries. The MRRC is a research facility and is part of the IMM. The facility focuses on the development of novel methods to optimize the sensitivity and information content of NMR spectra and apply these methodologies to gain deeper insight in the structure and dynamics of molecules and materials. Applications are particularly geared at understanding various energy materials and molecules, polymers, electrochemistry, unravelling complex mixtures in the liquid state.

Radboud - Glasgow Collaboration Fund

Radboud University has been collaborating with the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK for many years. To further boost educational and research collaboration the Radboud-Glasgow Collaboration Fund was established in 2021. The collaborative fund is for joint multidisciplinary, innovative research projects, learning & teaching projects and short-term staff mobility. 

We warmly congratulate Evan with this grant!


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Evan Zhao, evanwenbo.zhao [at] ru.nl (evanwenbo[dot]zhao[at]ru[dot]nl)

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