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  • Deuren ziekenhuis

    ‘A good death’ in the daily press

    Newspaper articles provide an insight into what we consider a ‘good’ or ‘dignified’ death. According to research, the articles have revealed that, in the case of the elderly, a good death is primarily associated with a self-chosen end of life.

  • Jonge vrouw met smartphone en koffie

    Research into our relationship with social media is flawed

    Social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter encourage their users to scroll endlessly. But this doesn’t automatically imply that there is evidence of ‘doom scrolling’, in which the user’s endless scrolling is negative.

  • Bron:

    Media stories inspire young people to help during the pandemic

    During the Covid pandemic, media stories have been proven to inspire young people to help others. Helping others also often gave them a feeling of satisfaction, concludes a new paper from researchers at Radboud University and Erasmus University.

  • Opengeklapte laptop, met iemand die een telefoon vasthoudt

    OpenWebSearch to promote Europe's independence in web search

    Radboud University and thirteen other European research centres will join forces to develop a new, open European infrastructure for web search. The OpenWebSearch.EU project will be contributing to Europe’s digital sovereignty.