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  • Portretfoto Hans van Kranenburg en Sjors Witjes

    'We show parties the way in the energy transition'.

    ‘We have to do it together’. Read more about how professor Hans van Kranenburg and associate professor Sjors Witjes combine their insights on energy transition, circular economy and sustainable business.

  • Fotograaf: Jeroen Bruggeman

    An anthropological glimpse into entrepreneurial behaviour

    Anthropologist Joost Beuving provides new insights into entrepreneurial behaviour in his recently published book. This behaviour shows striking similarities around the world, according to Beuving’s long-term studies in Greece, West Africa and the United States, among other countries. “In reality, entrepreneurial success often has more to do with a variety of circumstances over which entrepreneurs have very little control, than with rational anticipation and well-thought-out planning.”

  • Diverse groep mensen van de rug gefotografeerd

    'Money whitens': why people are more likely to change ethnicity

    Changing your ethnicity multiple times throughout your life: that's not all that absurd for millions of people worldwide. For them, ethnicity is not a congenital, rigid notion, but something that changes to correspond with how your place in society changes.

  • Nora Lohmeyer

    'We need to start thinking beyond the limits of the dominant market logic’

    Research by Assistant Professor Nora Lohmeyer shows that despite market forces in the global economy, multinational companies are able to tackle major societal challenges through responsible management.

  • Stefan Schembera

    'If you want to end corruption, start with your own feeling of superiority'

    If we want to end corruption, we must first overcome our feeling of superiority. This was the discovery of Business Administration expert Stefan Schembera.

  • Natascha Wagner

    ‘It's time to address inequality in a better way: by the numbers’

    Women are stuck, and the only way ahead is with more data and experimentation, argues Natascha Wagner, professor of Development Economics, in her inaugural lecture at Radboud University on October 6.

  • ERC Consolidator grants for research on gig economy, nano carriers and learning a second language

    The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded Andrea Hermann, Daniela Wilson and Kristin Lemhöfer a Consolidator Grant of two million euros each so they can set up a new research project.

  • Banking system reforms lead to new uncertainty

    The reforms after the financial crisis of 2008 led to a greater intertwining of national and European rules and supervision. But ambiguity about where banks can challenge the rules and supervision could lead to new problems and risks.