A Sacred Triad

Religion, Music and Food in the context of Eurasian kingship, ca. 1300-1800
2018 until 2024
Project type

In this project (of which Part I, Religion, is now finished), I aim to understand - through a comparative approach based on numerous examples - the relationship between religion(s) - or: sacrality -, food and music in the monarchical political systems of Eurasia - from England to Japan, or, to put it otherwise: from Christendom via the Islamicate world to the Sinosphere - from the 13th till the late 18th century.

It is my belief and, hence, thesis, that of all aspects determining  kingship/monarchical power, these three originally were, and for many centuries remained insolubly linked to, indeed were fundamental in the representation and actual exercise of royal authority.
I definitely welcome discussions with all researchers in the RICH-community, and beyond.

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