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  • Brief an einen Pagarch und ein zweiter Brief (P.Vindob. A. P. 378), 709 CE, Aphrodito. Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

    From Mediator to Anchorer

    This project examines scribal traditions and clerical practices deriving from the Graeco-Roman Levant in the Umayyad and early Abbasid empires.

  • Kinderen zitten op een trap met hun smartphone in hun handen

    SOCIAL: Social Online Connectedness in Adolescents' Lives

    Some adolescents feel more lonely because of their social media use, while others feel more connected to others. In what context does what apply, when, and to whom?

  • Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France MS Hébreu 1082, f. 16r

    Subproject: Cultures of martyrdom in Al-Andalus

    The focus of this subproject is the so-called Cordoban Calendar, a combination of Arabic-language almanac and Christian liturgical calendar.

  • London, British Library Add. MS 30845, f. 56r (Making a martyr)

    Subproject: Setting martyrs to music

    This subproject looks into the music of the Old Hispanic commemoration of martyrs, exploring how it helped shape the identity of the martyr being commemorated.

  • Snelste voortbeweging van magneetgolven ooit ontdekt

    COMRAD: optimal magnetic switching for greenest random access devices

    The COMRAD projects focuses on developing and fabricating a cold optomagnetic memory device for greener data centres and super-computers. COMRAD aims to demonstrate how to decrease the dissipated heat in data storage at least by a factor of 10.

  • Electricity

    Copper-Catechol Synergy for the Development of an Energy-Dense and Long-Lived Redox Flow Battery

    The project aims to develop a new generation of copper redox flow battery that have a long lifetime (>20 years) and higher energy density than the state-of-the-art copper redox flow batteries.

  • NMR lab

    Operando NMR methods for studying electrochemical ammonia synthesis

    This project seeks to develop and apply new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods to understand electrocatalytic reaction mechanisms. NMR is a non-invasive, atom-specific, and quantitative spectroscopic method.

  • Work life

    WORKLIFE consortium

    This project brings together various scientists and social players to investigate the causes and consequences of an imbalance between work or study commitments and responsibilities at home.

  • Opa die een kaart voorleest

    Role models and policies

    Policies around parenthood are increasingly designed to ensure that fathers who want to do so share care equally with their partners. This project explores why it is that policies seem to work well for some groups of fathers and less so for others.

  • Remote NMR

    Remote NMR (R-NMR)

    Remote NMR (R-NMR) is 3 years project by 26 European NMR groups/entities that aims to design and deliver a platform for remote access capabilities to Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) Research infrastructures (RIs).

  • Solid State NMR


    The main objective of this proposal is to capitalize on two important methodological developments that can remedy shortcomings of NMR for studying complex polymer systems.

  • Onderzoek Vuurwerkramp

    Independent investigation into fireworks disaster

    The research focuses on how the government can learn better from disasters such as the fireworks disasters in Culemborg and Enschede.

  • Teacher reading to children. Yan Krukau. Pexels

    Learning Dutch for Ukrainians

    This research project at Radboud University aims to bring insight into the link between learners' psychological well-being and learning Dutch.

  • Spotprent Vrijheid gelijkheid en broederschap. Atlas van Stolk, Rotterdam

    Literary mockery in the Dutch Republic

    This research investigates the relationship between the aesthetic or formal dimensions of Dutch humour texts (1600-1800) and their political meanings.

  • Onderzoeksproject

    The Full Spectrum of ADHD in Adult Relationships

    We will investigate both the positive and negative effects of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on adult social relationships, including romantic partners and friends, from a dyadic perspective.

  • Healthy student life

    Healthy Student Life - PhD project

    Healthy Student Life is a Radboud-wide research project on student well-being.

  • Person holding light bulb

    Decentering knowledge production

    This projects focuses on contribution to transforming policymaking, through a better understanding of local realities, by exploring different methodologies and making connections between research and education.

  • mobiele patiënteninformatie (radboudumc)

    Health Monitor

    Johnson & Johnson has developed a Health Monitor aimed at patient well-being. It has been and is being tested at Radboudumc.

  • Innovation acceleration and spin-off incubation

    When it comes to taking your research to market, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine can be an interesting partner for Radboud researchers or spinoffs.

  • groene ontspruitende plantjes


    Sustainability is high on the agenda at Radboud University, Radboudumc and Johnson & Johnson. Through scientific research, we contribute to insights and solutions on complex and cross-disciplinary climate issues.