Protestbord Climate Action Now. Afbeelding van Filmbetrachter van Pixabay
Protestbord Climate Action Now. Afbeelding van Filmbetrachter van Pixabay

Achieving High-Integrity Voluntary Climate Action (ACHIEVE)

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In recent years, an unprecedented number of voluntary climate commitments have been made by a wide array of non-state and subnational actors. These voluntary climate actions have several aims, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building climate resilience. Together, these actions can contribute significantly to the achievement of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Yet, non-state and local actors’ environmental claims are often unsubstantiated. Some voluntary actions rely on the deployment of controversial carbon offsets or the use of debatable technologies (e.g., for carbon capture and storage). This raises questions of integrity and suspicions of greenwashing. Integrity is therefore key to realizing the promise of voluntary climate action by many actors, and to actually prevent and combat (the effects of) climate change. 

The ACHIEVE research project will identify opportunities to strengthen and scale up voluntary climate action, with the aim of achieving a worldwide net-zero society by 2050. The project will:

  • generate transformative and timely scientific insights into the role, effectiveness, and integrity of voluntary climate action (including carbon credits);
  • assess the integrity and impacts of such action;
  • analyse how policies and regulations and high-integrity voluntary climate action can strengthen each other;
  • and use scientific findings to support the scaling up of high-integrity voluntary action

This will be achieved through a highly inter- and transdisciplinary consortium. From the start, the project will actively engage policymakers and other societal stakeholders in co-creating outcomes and mapping societal needs. 


The project directly contributes to advancing knowledge and providing solutions for climate change, specifically on high integrity voluntary climate action. ACHIEVE will develop transition pathways to climate neutrality that integrate voluntary climate action by cities, regions and companies; it will develop novel social science insights for climate action; contribute to better understanding sustainability co-benefits and trade-offs; and increase transparency and trust in voluntary climate action by strengthening integrity and making scientific results easily accessible for different stakeholder groups.


Achieving High-Integrity Voluntary Climate Action (ACHIEVE) is part of cluster 5 of Horizon Europe, which is aimed at research into climate, energy, and mobility. This research project is funded from Call: HORIZON-CL5-2023-D1-01-05.


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