Afbeelding van Lucas Boer en Dylan Henssen
Afbeelding van Lucas Boer en Dylan Henssen

Anatomy education through augmented reality

TLC voucher project
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Lucas Boer , Dylan Henssen
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From experience we know that students struggle with visualising anatomic structures and their underlying proportions. Human embryology is originally taught with the help of illustrations and museum-like preparations. Since 2016, Radboudumc has added radiological imaging to this.

However, students still struggle with developing an accurate image with regard to human development and the origination of birth defects. Could augmented reality (AR) be a helpful tool in the visualisation of anatomic structures?

Desired solution

Knowledge of embryology and teratology is of great importance to future doctors and scientists. Previous innovation projects from Dylan Henssen show that students can benefit from the use of AR within anatomy education. But, to this day, the use of AR in embryology and teratology education has not yet been developed.

Lucas and Dylan expect that 3D models will help students gain insight into the anatomy of humans. From experience we know that AR applications within embryology education can lead to increased intrinsic motivation and positive contribution to the learning experience for students.

Action plan

In this project radiologic data from human embryos and foetuses is transferred into 3D models where attention will be paid to the development defects of those embryos as well. To arrive at a better study product for students the researchers use open source data, their own data and previous experience with developing the GreyMapp app.

For every embryologic structure or region, background information will be added. This same process will be repeated with radiologic data from the teratological collection Nijmegen

The product can eventually be applied in the curricula of students. This way the AR application will contribute to learning about embryology and teratology for students at Radboud University.

Vlog update #1 (in Dutch)

In the first episode Lucas Boer and Dylan Henssen explain what the problem is and what solution they have in mind.

Vlog update #2 (in Dutch)

In the second episode, Lucas Boer and Dylan Henssen show how to make 3D models of human embryos. The 3D models form the basis for augmented reality.

Vlog update #3 (in Dutch)

Each month Lucas Boer and Dylan Henssen give an update about their project in a video blog. In vlog 3 they show how their 3D models take shape.


This project is funded by a TLC voucher from the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre. This voucher programme aims to set up projects in the field of educational innovation, lecturer development and educational research.

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Would you like to know more? Do not hesitate to contact one of the voucher stakeholders, Dylan Henssen, via dylan.henssen [at]