2 wooden dices are thrown on the boardgames
2 wooden dices are thrown on the boardgames

Boardgame Energiek

The energy transition game

Energiek is a boardgame that teaches players more about the energy transition in The Netherlands. The energy transition has become a social issue, which needs to be addressed (more) at secondary schools. Energiek was developed by Hans Van Kranenburg, professor in strategic management, associate professor Sjors Witjes, and student assistent Kim Spies.

Energiek! The energy transition game

Social awareness

Bringing about the energy transition is necessary move, but not easy. The transition has to be environmentally, socially and economically feasible. Scientific publications are therefore not sufficient to create a larger support base in our society. Energiek focusses on companies, secondary school students, and the general public. Research has shown that games can be beneficial to transitions. They create awareness, positive attitudes, and insights into the necessity and feasibility of changes.

The goal

A handful of copies of Energiek have already been made. The next step is large scale production. The goal is to distribute the board game on all 1500 secondary schools in The Netherlands, so that it can be added to the curriculum. The Dutch Research Council realized the value of the game and rewarded that with a valorization grant of €50.000. This money was used to develop and test Energiek. The large scale production of the energy transition game requires another €200.000.

Looking for partners

Energiek gives companies the possibility to invest in the solution for a current, social issue. Partners will be mentioned on the game itself and / or on the website. Of course they will also receive the game. Send an email to bordspel-energiek [at] ru.nl for the available options.

The game

Energiek is a cross between Monopoly and Settlers of Catan. Players acquire three factors: social support, people, and money. These factors can be used to create for example solar panels or wind farms. They can do this individually, but it becomes easier as a collective, just as it is in real life.

A knowledge card is selected in the boardgame

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