Bouncing back from psychological contract breach

A roadmap towards restoration
16 September 2020 until 1 December 2025
Project member(s)
Y. Li (Yingjie)
Project type

Psychological contract breach (PCB) commonly triggers counterproductive work behaviour (CWB), which is traditionally assumed to be served as catharsis. As a consequence, scholars do not explore what happens after PCB and CWB took place. In this PhD project, we aim to unpack the “black box” of the aftermath of PCB. Specifically, we build a model to investigate how CWB may serve as a coping strategy for different types of PCB (transactional VS relational), akin to investigating the mechanisms of reconciliations towards a positive employer-employee relationship. Doing so, will result in a more complete picture of the consequences and reconciliations of PCB.

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