chemical biology
chemical biology

Breaking barriers in chemical biology

Unleashing collaborations at the Glasgow-Radboud Symposium
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In this project, we will organise two-part events all about chemical biology research. The first symposium will take place at the University of Glasgow Advanced Research Centre (ARC), and the second symposium will be held at Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Symposia on chemical biology

The symposia are an opportunity for Glasgow and Radboud researchers to be part of a game-changing project aiming to push forward innovation, collaboration, and advancement in the field of chemical biology and related fields such as nanomedicine. These events provide an excellent opportunity for Glasgow and Radboud researchers to share their groundbreaking research data, identify overlaps in research interests, and ignite exciting new collaborations. Through these collaborations, researchers will be invited to apply for seed funding to support their proof-of-concept data generation that will underpin their research funding applications. The events will also feature presentations from early career researchers, enhancing their employability prospects and transferable skills.

The programme of the symposium in Glasgow will be announced shortly. 

Scientific explorations 

The project will be a platform for Glasgow and Radboud researchers to come together, share their research, and explore new and unexplored avenues for collaboration. The symposia will facilitate face-to-face meetings for at least 50 researchers from both universities. The representatives from the respective research offices will be present to discuss funding opportunities for researchers.


In June 2018, Radboud University signed a strategic partnership agreement with the University of Glasgow committing the two research-intensive universities to work closely and invest jointly in extending our world-class research and enhancing our learning and teaching practices. 

Radboud – Glasgow Collaboration Fund

The Radboud – Glasgow Collaboration Fund is designed to promote projects in Research, Learning and Teaching and Short-term staff mobility and to deliver guest lectures; or to develop a new collaboration initiative; to prepare an external grant funding proposal. Both Glasgow and Radboud are comprehensive research-intensive Universities and founding members of The Guild network of European Research-Intensive Universities. In short, the Radboud - Glasgow Collaboration Fund is established to:

  • Facilitate and support joint initiatives that will strengthen the two universities’ strategic priorities;
  • Encourage innovative learning and teaching practices and initiatives;
  • Facilitate multi-disciplinary and cutting-edge research;
  • Encourage international staff mobility and provide opportunities for development.


Partnership members: 
Andrew Jamieson - University of Glasgow
Kevin Neumann - Institute for Molecules and Materials - Radboud University

Contact information

Andrew Jamieson