Drie mannen en een vrouw op vier stoelen.
Drie mannen en een vrouw op vier stoelen.

Breaking Into the Boys’ Club

Unequal Network Composition and Returns as Explanations for Gender Differences in Career Success
31 December 2023 until 31 December 2024
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Dr R. Meuleman (Roza)
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Gender inequality in career success is a persistent issue, with women earning less and occupying fewer management positions than men. Social networks appear an important, but understudied, explanation for this gender gap. Whether, how, and why networks contribute to gender inequality in career success remains unclear.

This project aims to develop detailed network measures and collect data among the general workforce to provide new insights into the roles of unequal network composition (who has more beneficial network connections and resources) and unequal network returns (who benefits more from these connections and resources) as explanations for gender disparities in career success.


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