Bridging the Gap

Co-creating a socially robust practice for the use of big data and artificial intelligence in healthcare
1 January 2020 until 1 August 2023
Project member(s)
Dr L. Krabbenborg (Lotte) J. van der Kamp (Jill) , Dik van Gent (Erasmus Universiteit)
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While expectations on the use of biomarker testing for early diagnostics, patient stratification and more personalised therapies are high and rising, not much is known yet about how healthcare professionals and patients use and value biomarker testing in ‘real life’ medical practices, and which ethical and societal issues are emerging, regarding ,for example, biobank governance, liability and patient involvement. 

Building upon a socio-constructivist approach to science and technology development, and empirical ethics, and using qualitative empirical research methods, this project aims to establish a socially robust use of biomarker technology. It aims to do so in the broader context of increasing datafication and use of algorithms in healthcare.

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Wendrich, K.; Krabbenborg, L. (2021) The use of molecular biomarker tests: an interview study with healthcare providers about a molecular biomarker test for prostate cancer. Personalized Medicine, vol 8, nr. 5

Betten, W.; Van der Kamp, J.; Krabbenborg, L. (2022) In their own words: A narrative analysis of illness memoirs written by men with prostate cancer. Sociology of Health & Illness, vol. 44, nr 1.

Wendrich, L. & Krabbenborg, L. (2021) Hoe staan urologische zorgverleners en huisartsen tegenover het gebruik van een moleculaire biomarkertest voor prostaatkanker in de huisartsenpraktijk?. Tijdschrift voor Urologie.


NWO Responsible Research and Innovation


Erasmus Medical Center, MDX Health, Janssen R&D, Novartis, BG Legal

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