Food chain
Food chain

CHOICE: Mainstream mitigation pathways for a climate-conscious change in the food chain

2023 until 2026
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CHOICE aspires to mainstream Integrated Assessment Models, embedding them into the lifestyle choices and decision making process of consumers, producers and other actors of the Food, Agriculture and Land Use sectors. This ambition is leveraged by a more realistic representation of behaviour change and actor heterogeneity aspects in IAMs and supported by an approach that bridges social science and marketing tools, with the aim of accelerating climate action. The IAM-generated impacts from highly influential 1.5C compatible consumption, production or lifestyle mitigation actions, related to the Food and Land Use sectors, shall encompass emissions and temperature rise, but also highlight, in familiar scales to the actors, the cobenefits of their changes in behaviour or practice in terms of health, biodiversity and food security aspects. In this context, CHOICE shall provide increased insights into how small and medium scale actions may contribute to the achievement of large-scale climate policy objectives, including through socially innovative approaches, and better understanding of which actions and policies are more effective.

CHOICE is funded by Horizon Europe for a three-year duration. It is led by Institute of Communication & Computer Systems (ICCS) in Greece and involves several European and international partners.


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