Creativity development as a didactic tool for making vwo upper secondary students understand historical literature within the subject Dutch

2024 until 2029
Project member(s)
Dr J.J.M. Dera (Jeroen) Prof. E.M. van Meerkerk (Edwin) , Twan Robben (Radboud)
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Creativity development in education has great potential. Teachers are also convinced of this. Yet it appears not to be easy for them to shape this ideal starting point in the classroom. It is unclear what causes this. This research aims to gain insight into this. This will be done by qualitatively analyzing the practice of a didactic instrument that is often used in the Dutch school subject and where students creatively process their reading experiences. The focus is on reading experiences of historical literature. After discursive analysis of the collected data, interventions for improvement will be designed with a focusgroup.



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