Criminal investigation practices: Investigating detective work and detective culture

1 November 2020 until 1 November 2025
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This is a PhD research project on the culture within the Dutch National Crime Squad. Specifically, the research addresses the question of whether and how detective culture plays a role in the emergence of bottlenecks and tensions in investigations and in the quality of investigations.

In particular, it examines how detectives deal with tensions and dilemmas in their daily work and which shared beliefs, rules, values and norms about investigative practices are important in this regard. The project also examines the influence of these views on investigations and the quality of investigations.


Schaik, A.H. van (2022). Hoe ‘blauw’ is de recherche? Een onderzoek naar de drie recherche-identiteiten. Cahiers Politiestudies, 17-40.

Schaik, A.H. van (2022). Dweilen met de kraan open. De gevolgen van het capaciteitstekort bij de recherche. Actioma, 2022 (217), 15-21.

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