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(De)legitimation and international order

In recent years, International organisations (IOs) have increasingly faced challenges to their authority and legitimacy. Their rules are disobeyed, their mandates challenged, their funding cut, and their members threaten withdrawal. Existing scholarship has made headway in explaining the ebbs and flows of this contestation. Literature points to, variously, unequally distributed economic effects, infringements on national sovereignty and democratic choice, or a societal backlash against globalisation spurred by populism, identity politics and new cultural cleavages. 

We know comparatively little, however, about the dynamics of IO contestation beyond high-profile cases from Western societies (e.g. Brexit), and how challenges to and defenses of IO authority interact to (de)legitimate international order. In this project, with funding by the GLOCAL hotspot, we are constructing a new dataset on the (de)legitimation of international order that will allow us to close these conceptual and empirical gaps.



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