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Developing a digital COPD companion for Improving Lifestyle (DACIL)

Project member(s)
Dr W.A.J. Strik (Helmer) , Dr S.O. Simons, Maastricht University Medical Centre
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DACIL aims at supporting people with COPD by developing a digital coach that keeps track of the COPD in the home environment and provides advices if the COPD worsens. Such advice is based on analysing speech and breathing and is supported by artificial intelligence. Lifestyle advice is also given to help people with COPD cope better with this condition. By developing such a digital coach together with patients, people with COPD will feel empowered in their home environment to live well with COPD and such changes will reduce health inequalities in the Netherlands.

Co-applicants: Maastricht University, Radboud University, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Co-funders: Zana Technologies GmbH, KI:elements, Monitair BV.
Collaborating partners: Lung Foundation, Lung Alliance, NVALT, University Twente, PHAROS, Kenniscentrum Digitale Zorg, Zorginstituut Nederland.


  • Dutch Research Council (NWO) 
  • Co-funders: Zana Technologies GmbH, KI:elements, Monitair BV


  • Maastricht University (main applicant)
  • Radboud University
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Lung Foundation
  • Lung Alliance
  • University Twente
  • Kenniscentrum Digitale Zorg
  • Zorginstituut

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