Studenten samen aan het werk op een laptop.
Studenten samen aan het werk op een laptop.

Development of interactive online teaching methodology

TLC voucher project
2021 until 2022
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During the coronavirus pandemic, online alternatives to teaching were a great temporary solution. Surveys show that students also see benefits in being taught online. For example, they can set their own pace, because they can decide for themselves when to watch the recorded lectures. However, students also indicate that they experience disadvantages in being taught online. For example, they miss the structure of fixed lecture times, and some students experience motivation problems or feel lonely. Which teaching methodology can exploit the advantages of online education and prevent the disadvantages? 

Desired solution 

By means of a template, developed by a team of experts in the field of online learning (e-learning), lecturers are supported in the development of online lectures. Using this template will make online lectures more interactive, allowing students to better understand the subject matter. For example, students can ask questions and have discussions in between. In addition, the online lectures will take place at fixed times, which will bring back the desired structure. 

Plan of action

A team of e-learning experts is developing a template for lecturers that can increase the interactivity of online lectures. This template will be introduced in a course within the bachelor Communication Science. At the end of the course, the students will evaluate the course, after which adjustments will be made and the template will be applied again in another course within the same bachelor. Not only will student evaluations be included, but a focus group will also be organised for a more thorough evaluation with students. After completion of the second course, it will be evaluated in the same way and the template will be adjusted again. 


This project is funded by a TLC voucher from the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre. This voucher programme aims to set up projects in the field of educational innovation, lecturer development and educational research.

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