Woman sits at a table behind her laptop.
Woman sits at a table behind her laptop.

Digitalisation in Language Education

1 February 2024 until 1 February 2027
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Digitalisation presents new chances and challenges for the field of Language Education: Learners now have the option to participate in language classes entirely or partially online, engage in language learning practices in online communities, and some even draw on innovative methods that include Virtual Reality or Artificial Intelligence. In this project, we are interested in the emerging interactions between learners, teachers, and the digital tools within these and similar contexts. Using a conversation analytic approach, we analyze learning- and teaching-interactions on a turn-by-turn basis to investigate the dynamics of language education practices in times of digitalisation. As a part of this, we address the question how digitalisation affects the professional practice of language teachers. The project is a collaboration between iHub, Radboud University's interdisciplinary hub on Digitalization and Society, and the Centre for Language Studies.


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