Solid State NMR
Solid State NMR


Development of Hyperpolarized and 1H Fast MAS NMR Spectroscopy for the study of performance polymers

Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (ssNMR) spectroscopy allows the investigation of structure and dynamics of polymers relating to their functional behaviour. NMR probes the local environment of nuclei without relying on their crystalline arrangement. The main objective of this proposal is to capitalize on two important methodological developments that can remedy shortcomings of NMR for studying complex polymer systems. We intend to develop Ultrafast magic angle spinning (MAS) NMR combined with sophisticated rf pulse schemes for high resolution NMR of protons in the solid-state. Furthermore, we aim to optimize and extend Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) methodology for the study of low gamma nuclei in polymeric systems relevant in a DPI context.