Emotion differentiation

Assessment, development, theoretical significance and clinical relevance
1 September 2021 until 1 September 2025
Project member(s)
T.T. Lo (Edmund) Prof. J.M. Vink (Jacqueline) Dr M. Verhagen (Maaike) , dr. Dominique F. Maciejewski , dr. Loes L. Pouwels
Project type

Emotional well-being is essential in one’s mental health. Emotion differentiation (ED), which refers to how well one could differentiate and label emotional experience, is suggested to be a key process that enables effective emotion regulation and promotes better mental health. However, limited is known on ED on a day-to-day basis that is ecologically valid to the general population. Specifically, how does ED facilitate effective emotion regulation, develop over adolescence, and contribute to psychopathology? With datasets that cover timescales from moments to years with adolescent to middle-aged participants, this project attempts to answer the above in developmentally and clinically relevant perspectives.

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