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Logo Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration

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A virtual telescope the size of the Earth
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The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration is a global effort to image, measure, and understand astrophysical black holes, by combining radio telescopes all around the world. So far, the collaboration has succeeded in zooming into the closest neighborhood of supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies: M87 and our own Milky Way.

In 2000, Radboud University professor Heino Falcke proposed to combine telescopes around the world to form a virtual telescope: the Event Horizon Telescope the size of the Earth using the imaging technique Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI). This technique links millimetre telescopes all around the globe to act as an interferometer: a virtual mm-telescope. 

EHT telescopes around the world

Telescopes around the world

The EHT network consists of existing mm-wave radio telescopes on high and dry places around the globe; in Europe (IRAM Pico VeletaNOEMA), USA (JCMT/SMASMTKPNO), Mexico (LMT), South America (APEXALMA), and South Pole.

The EHT Consortium is formed by world leading institutions, including:

The European part of the EHT is formed by the BlackholeCam project.