Fashion & Food Synergy for Sustainability

New courses and innovative digital tools in higher education
2021 until 2024
Project member(s)
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore , Isem, Universidad de Navarra , Uniwersytet Jagiellonski Krakow , Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
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The project “Fashion & Food Synergy for Sustainability” is in line with the European Green Deal. The project develops new digital modules, tools, and webinars, related to sustainability and future trends in the fields of fashion & food. Both fashion and food have a tough impact on environment and are important for contemporary lifestyles. Environmental and social sustainability is an essential need. It is also a perspective toward which the two sectors converge and move. The project addresses the global challenge of sustainability, by developing circular business models and improving transparency and traceability. The project develops innovative digital learning content to support the acquisition of forward-looking skills. The digital modules and webinars relate to the needs of the labour market and new interest of consumers in sustainable production and products. The project is funded by the EU as an Erasmus+ programme for Higher Education.


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1. Glossary Sustainability for Fashion&Food
2. Six digital learning modules in Blackboard
3. Training guidelines for teachers
4. Digital webinars
5. Multiplayer events


Altromercato, Verona  
Accion Laboral, Madrid 
Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft, Graz 
Envolve Entrepreneurship, Athens




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