Rijpe tomaten op takken
Rijpe tomaten op takken


Adapting tomato germplasm to the dry and humid heat of the lndian monsoonal climate
2022 until 2026
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Prof. I. Rieu (Ivo)
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Globally, tomato is a healthy, tasty component of diets and essential for traditional cuisines. In India, tomatoes field-grown in summer and rainy seasons are exposed to either hot/dry or hot/humid conditions.

Each poses challenges for cultivation and disrupts the tomato supply chain. In this research project we aim to understand the physiological and genetic basis of tolerance to dry versus humid heat, and deliver genetic solutions. Farmers and consumers benefit directly from this, with more reliable harvests that ease tomato supply chain strain.



Radboud University, Wageningen University & Research, Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Punjab Agricultural University, World Vegetable Center, Nunhems India.

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