Fingerprint 2 Footprint

Industrial value from handheld spectroscopy networks
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Dr J.J. Jansen (Jeroen) , Wageningen University of Research , COAST , ISPT
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Industries face constant pressure to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining production consistency and improving economic performance. The emergence of Industry 4.0 underscores the importance of data in achieving process excellence. Data holds a dual value: it allows for more relevant information extraction from existing data and enables cost-effective, timely collection from in-situ measurements for efficient process control. Handheld spectroscopy, a rapid and non-invasive analytical technology, plays a crucial role. It provides in-situ sample characterization and specific compound quantification, with data collected using affordable, off-the-shelf devices by non-laboratory personnel. While handheld spectroscopy data may be of lower quality than lab data, its potential in creating real-time process footprints is unparalleled.

Handheld spectroscopy in industry 

Earlier studies highlight Handheld Spectroscopy's industrial value in chemical processes and agricultural and food analysis. These studies show promise for wider applications but demand innovative technical analysis. This innovation, a part of the Fingerprint 2 Footprint (F2F) project, aims to create a generic approach for evaluating technology and developing integrated value propositions within existing and new processes.

The F2F project will prepare the application of Handheld Spectrometry Networks (HSN) in diverse process industrial sectors. Examples of applications and advantages include: 

•    Process: Fast raw materials quality assessment, Early product release, Waste stream reduction, Increasing process efficiency and reducing environmental impact;
•    Food: Shelf life prediction, Authentication and Safety;
•    Fermentations: End Point Prediction;
•    Polymers & Pharma: Stability testing, Humidity quantification; Waste stream reduction
•    Circular Economy: Waste stream reduction, Characterization of interfering substances, Representative waste stream sampling.

Industry 4.0 solutions

Fingerprint 2 Footprint will develop the advanced chemical and data science methodology and, using this, will translate handheld spectroscopy measurements into Industry 4.0 solutions for specific applications. These solutions can greatly enhance process efficiency, consistency and sustainability at the industrial end user. 
The project will deliver an embedded Industry 4.0 measurement solution to your process, integrated with the data science to provide recommendations for on-line and real-time process improvements that can be used for optimization and control within the factory.  line and real-time process improvements that can be used for optimization and control within the factory.  


The department of Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics within the Institute for Molecules and Materials at Radboud University has 50 years’ experience in developing new Data Science for and with process industry. Wageningen University and Research has in recent years developed a unique competence in Handheld sensor measurement evaluation. The combination of expertise in Industry 4.0-dedicated Data Science and miniaturized analytical technologies and the shared HSN infrastructure of both institutes enables a step change in the information value that HSN can have for innovation in the process industry. 

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