Brain ultrasound
Brain ultrasound

Focused Ultrasound Initiative

A new key technology is emerging in medicine, neuroscience, and behavioural studies: focused ultrasound stimulation. These sound waves can be safely focused in the human body with high precision. This steerable energy can be used for a wide range of applications, including neurosurgery without a scalpel, drug delivery only where you need it, and non-invasive neuromodulation deep in the brain. This project aims to support, improve and accelerate technological development, fundamental research and clinical applications of focused ultrasound stimulation, steering toward a future where minimally invasive therapy can be part of everyday life.

The Focused Ultrasound Initiative (FUS) will connect and accelerate three pillars (research, clinic, and innovation). The first steps to achieve this is by investing in centralized focused ultrasound hands-on and technical knowledge and support.


Hands-on knowledge

This part of the initiative focuses on offering practical knowledge and know-how to researchers on campus and beyond. A focused ultrasound expert the FUS initiative will offer support and advice on scientific matters and more practical matters (e.g. study design, grant applications, standards for safety, ethics, hands-on training).

Technical knowledge

Technical support will be provided by a technical engineer. The FUSi will invest in equipment for validation (routine equipment checks), and software for simulations. This will avoid a duplicity of solutions, strengthen expertise and efficiency, and enable new research and technological development.

The combination of centralized knowledge and technical support will offer opportunities for enterprises to co-develop new products in this domain with Radboud University and its researchers.

Market uptake

The research field, clinical applications, and commercial market are expanding rapidly. The bridge from discovery to reimbursed care is essential for research and medical innovation. The researchers will identify barriers to market uptake and develop business cases for clinical application and treatment reimbursement. Intellectual property arising from the FUS tech hub can be managed efficiently and centrally.

Project management

The FUS Initiative will be centrally managed to bridge discovery and application and to exchange knowledge and know-how across domains. The researchers will set up four discovery projects in neuromodulation, closed-loop control, biochemical signaling, and cognition; and three clinical projects in image guided therapy (prostate cancer), neurology (Parkinson’s), and psychiatry (anxiety).


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