Een portretfoto van Linda Kwakkenbos en Ilianne Boumans en het Maria Montessorigebouw
Een portretfoto van Linda Kwakkenbos en Ilianne Boumans en het Maria Montessorigebouw

Forming a more active attitude through blending learning

TLC voucher project
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The first-year psychology course ‘Methods of Professional Conduct’ is supposed to help students form a scientific attitude. Because of how the course is set up, this still happens insufficiently. How can blended learning make sure students form this attitude and engagement is encouraged?

In the last few years, first-year psychology students have been indicating that they have trouble keeping track of the central theme of the course. Designing the course in such a way that students require an active attitude could result in more clarity. At the same time, this stimulates the scientific attitude that is expected of students.

Desired solution

A blended learning format could accomplish this. Instead of a traditional method of instruction, blended learning makes use of several methods of instruction, such as interactive storytelling, peer learning, and several digital tools, that rely on the student’s initiative. An added goal is to have students learn from each other. The lecturer takes on a the role of a coach, who supervises the group process and ensures the quality of substantive discussions.

The goal of this voucher project is to find out if and how several methods of instruction make the central theme of the course clearer for students. Moreover, Kwakkenbos and Boumans want to see whether the new set-up will ensure more student engagement and responsibility to reduce the number of students not partaking in the work groups.

Action plan

Through several research methods, Kwakkenbos and Boumans will measure to what degree the new course set-up achieves the set goals. Students’ input is at the heart of this. For instance, surveys are distributed to students both before and after the course that question various aspects such as engagement and motivation. In addition, the learning diaries students are required to keep will be used to investigate how self-regulated education suits them. Focus groups will also be held to sound out teachers' perceptions of the new educational setting.


This project is funded by a TLC voucher from the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre. This voucher programme aims to set up projects in the field of educational innovation, lecturer development and educational research.

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