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The Global Data Lab (GDL) is an independent data and research center at Nijmegen School of Management of Radboud University. Building upon over 500 household survey datasets from the major data providers for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), GDL has built one of the largest existing databases for LMICs, containing information on over 35 million individuals in 130+ countries. In addition to socio-economic data, GDL incorporates climate related and GIS data at the sub-national level allowing for research in the areas of climate adaptation and climate shocks.

Our Products:

- Subnational human development index: Subnational version of the HDI available worldwide until 2021

- International Wealth Index: Comparable index of household wealth and poverty across time and space by means of one unified indicator

- Area Database: Includes socio-economic, demographic, gender and health indicators for subnational regions in low- and middle-income countries

- SDG Dashboard: Under reconstruction, development of interactive dashboard to monitor the SDGs across subnational regions in low- and middle-income countries

- Climate Vulnerability Index: Compares the socio-economic component of climate change vulnerability worldwide and projects how countries will fare along five shared socio-economic pathway scenarios until 2200

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