Increasing value of digital self-monitoring for multiple sclerosis

1 May 2018 until 1 December 2023
Project member(s)
Dr L. Krabbenborg (Lotte) Prof. T.M. Heskes (Tom) , Joep Killestein (VUMC)
Project type

This interdisicplinary project, involving data scientists, neurologists, social scientists and data science company MS Sherpa, aims to develop and evaluate a smartphone application which provides personalized lifestyle information (insight, education and advice) to people with MS based on data collected through self-monitoring. Building upon a socio-constructivist approach to science and technology development, and by using qualitative empirical research methods, the Institute of Science in Society aims to assess why, how and when patients and caregivers (not) use these new digital self-monitoring devices, and analyses how these new technologies change daily life and work experiences of users (e.g. with regard to new or shifting responsibilities, roles, values).




Karine Wendrich, Pim van Oirschot, Marijn Martens, Marco Heerings, Peter Joseph Jongen, Lotte Krabbenborg (2019) Towards digital self-monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis (MS): investigating first experiences, needs and wishes of people with MS. International Journal of MS Care, p. 282-291,

Wendrich, K. & Krabbenborg, L (2022) Digital self-monitoring of multiple sclerosis (MS): an interview study with Dutch healthcare providers on the expected new configuration of roles and responsibilities. JMIR: mHealth & uHealth.




Radboud University, VUMC, MS Sherpa, MS Fonds

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