Infrastructure nature
Infrastructure nature

Infrastructuring Nature as Border Technique. How (Supra-)States Intensify Displacement Through Inhospitable Landscapes

1 May 2024 until 1 May 2026
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Dr. Peter Teunissen , Dr. Penny Koutrolikou - University of Thessaly , Dr J. Schapendonk (Joris)
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This research project aims to contribute to the broader field of forced migration studies by focusing on the relationship between nature, border regimes, and the movement of displaced populations. We will investigate how nature is incorporated by regimes of control and how in turn, nature influences these regimes, whereby this interplay comes to constitute a range of inhospitable landscapes for displaced people. In close collaboration with local knowledge producers and non-academic research partners, we map out inhospitable landscapes that displaced populations move through. Moreover, we will study three distinct border landscapes ethnographically.


Gerda Henkel Stiftung


University of Thessaly 

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