Cut-off Saw Cutting Metal With Sparks
Cut-off Saw Cutting Metal With Sparks

Innovation and Production Benchmark

2018 until 2030
Project member(s)
Dr P.E.M. Ligthart (Paul) , dr. Peter Vaessen , Dr R.A.W. Kok (Robert)
Project type

Would you like a comparison on key indicators for your manufacturing company with other manufacturing companies in the Netherlands and/or Germany? Or would you like a regional or international comparison on key indicators for the manufacturing industry or an industry within it? Based on the results of the European Manufacturing Survey (EMS), the Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre at the Institute for Management Research can make such a comparison.

Comparisons with other Dutch and/or international companies can be made in the field of:
• the use of Industry 4.0 digital technologies
• R&D share of turnover
• share of new products in turnover
• time-to-market
• productivity (turnover minus purchasing divided by the number of employees)
• scrap rate
• manufacturing lead time
• delivery on time

We offer advice for employers' and employees' organisations based on, for example, the effects of human resource policy and knowledge and competence management on the innovativeness of companies. In addition, we offer evaluations of innovation and technology policies, based on the analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of (non-)technological process innovations, eco-efficient technologies and product-related services.

A recent scientific insight is, for example, that it can be argued that organizational (or social innovation) is an important condition for innovation in production processes and products.


Fraunhofer (Karlsruhe, Germany).

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