Groene gevel gebouw
Groene gevel gebouw

INSpECT: INfrastructure interdependencies in Sustainable and inclusivE CiTies

1 February 2020 until 1 January 2024
Project member(s)
Dr Gooyert, V. de (Vincent) Gürsan, C. (Cem) Prof. Rouwette, E.A.J.A. (Etiënne) , Mark de Bruijne , Sybren Steensma
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Cities are faced with the challenge of transitioning towards more sustainable modes of living. To achieve such structural change, neighbourhoods are investing in various infrastructures including those related to biomass, district heating, green gas, solar power, and hydrogen. Currently, knowledge on the potential of such transition pathways is very isolated. However, awareness is emerging that the interdependencies between these infrastructures is substantial. This project will explore these interdependencies to allow a more integrated approach towards strategic investments in transforming urban neighbourhoods. We will use participative modelling to integrate and synthesize disciplinary expertise, thereby generating new insights that transcend these disciplines.


TKI Deltatechnologie; Next Generation Infrastructures


TU Delft; Next Generation Infrastructures

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