JOR (Jurisprudence Business & Law)

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Since 1 January 1996, the Business Law Institute (OO&R) has collaborated with Sdu Publishers to publish the jurisprudence journal Jurisprudentie Onderneming & Recht (JOR) [Jurisprudence Business & Law].


Case law in the field of ‘business and law’ is extensive and is not always accessible. Judgments from courts and tribunals are often only published in part and are often spread over a large number of different journals. Although the main rulings of the Supreme Court are almost always published, comments are often only added after several months. For legal practice, however, it is vital that a judgment can be heard shortly after it has been delivered, and also that expert commentary is added and that the judgment can be placed in context in order to indicate its relevance for legal development. These needs of legal practice are met by the JOR journal.

Eleven issues are published each year. The main judgments that are published in these issues include those of the Supreme Court and the tribunals (including the Netherlands Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal) as well as those of the courts in the field of ‘business and law’. Judgments which have not yet become final are also published. Where necessary, comments have been added.

The judgments that are to be included in JOR are divided into the following sections:

Business Law, Banking and Securities Law, Financing, Securities and Insolvency and Miscellaneous.

JOR is available through Sdu.

The editorial staff of JOR include Prof. S.C.J.J. Kortmann (Chair), K. Frielink, B.A. Schuijling, Prof. C.W.M. Lieverse, A. Steneker, A.J. Tekstra, T. Salemink and G.J.C. Rensen.

The editorial board consists of Prof. J.J. van Hees, Prof. N.E.D. Faber, A.F.J.A. Leijten and Prof. C.D.J. Bulten.

The editorial secretariat consists of Ms M.H. van Saane-Reijnen and Ms M. van Hees-Zandbergen.