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"Letterprins" is a project aiming to increase reading and writing skills of children when they start learning to read in school (about Grade 1). Its main focus is to create a positive reading environment at home, while linking to major stakeholders(school and library). The app combines science and beautiful design to enhance reading skills and motivation. Through a multichannel campaign and collaboration with key stakeholders, it fosters a supportive community. With personalized learning, the app achieved significant results, including 10,000 registered accounts and improved reading competency. Its success is measured by engagement and contribution to literacy knowledge.

The decline in literacy skills among certain groups in European society has become a growing concern, leading to a lack of mastery and limited opportunities for personal and professional growth. To address this pressing issue, "Letterprins" was conceived, a project aimed at igniting a passion for reading and enhancing reading skills. Inspired by their own experiences, two parents identified the need for a more enjoyable, engaging, and effective approach to learning to read, leading to the development of the Letterprins project. Several research institutes have been involved in the further development of the game.


The primary objective of Letterprins is to tackle low literacy rates by empowering individuals and families to nurture children's reading abilities. The project aims to improve reading motivation, promote literacy, and boost reading competence. By providing a free app accessible to all families, Letterprins seeks to address the fragmented market that has struggled to reverse the declining literacy trend.


Letterprins adopts a strategic approach that combines cutting-edge science with an adaptive app engine. The first version of Letterprins (2013) has been scientifically validated: it is of added value for children to play the game as it improves their reading results. The project embraces user-centric design principles, captivating artwork, and a multichannel campaign executed by a dedicated marketing company. Collaboration with key stakeholders, including the National Youth Library, school teachers, and parents, ensures a holistic and comprehensive approach to addressing the literacy challenge. By actively involving these stakeholders, Letterprins creates a supportive community that fosters collaboration and encourages the love for reading.


The Letterprins app delivers personalized learning experiences through state-of-the-art algorithms that track each child's knowledge and deliver tailored content. Fast learners are presented with challenging exercises, while struggling learners receive customized support and exercises that cater to their individual needs. The app also provides empowering tips for parents to create a positive reading environment at home. Furthermore, the project has gained the endorsement of Royal Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, who publicly launched Letterprins, lending credibility and visibility to the initiative.


The multichannel campaign has made a significant impact, achieving 1.9 million impressions and attracting over 5,000 new registered accounts. Within just six months, the number of accounts nearly doubled to 10,000, showcasing the widespread adoption of the app. Moreover, Letterprins boasts an active community of 3,000 children engaging with the app on a weekly basis. Preliminary scientific analysis of data from 3,000 children demonstrates a significant improvement in reading competency, validating the effectiveness of the app's learning material. The success of the project is also measured by factors such as engagement, long-term usage, and its contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field of literacy.


Letterprins is a pioneering project that addresses low literacy rates by combining technology, user-centric design, and community collaboration. By providing an engaging and adaptive app, the project aims to nurture children's reading abilities and create a supportive environment for young readers. With promising initial results, Letterprins is poised to make a lasting impact on literacy, empowering individuals and families to unlock the transformative power of reading and learning.


Stichting IT Projecten (StITPro), Stichting LOM en Radboud Fonds


Radboud University, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Ijsfontein, OPM Nijmegen, Stichting Sardes, Stichting Lezen, Boekwijzer, Vertigo6, Matthias Sjerps, Jan de Boer and Mirella Boot

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