The Ooijpolder

Living Lab Ooijpolder

Scaling up successful socio-ecological experiments for biodiversity restoration
2021 until 2026
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Innovative forms of nature restoration have been successfully implemented in the Ooijpolder in Gelderland over the last fifteen years. Examples are the creation of hedgerows and floral strips (which has resulted in more wild bees) and the forging of a link between agriculture and nature in various locations. One of the key success factors in this range of experiments has been that farmers, conservationists, governments and companies have collaborated on integrated area development.
The Living Lab Ooijpolder examines the way in which the existing pilot schemes and initiatives have improved biodiversity in the region. The researchers will analyse the key success factors and identify what we can learn from them for both the Ooijpolder itself and the rest of the Netherlands. The researchers will also work together with the relevant regional parties in order to find new business models and collaborations, which will allow for the continuation and expansion of the current achievements.



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