Mind the people

How does mindfulness benefit prosocial and attenuate antisocial urges and behaviour?
2015 until 2023
Project member(s)
Prof. R.W. Holland (Rob) Prof. J.C.T.M. Karremans (Johan) , Kim Lien van der Schans
Project type

Mindfulness is a hot topic of scientific inquiry and has revealed that it can have positive effects on personal well-being. It is often assumed that mindfulness may also improve the quality of interpersonal relationships. However, psychological science currently lacks an in-depth understanding of whether, when and how mindfulness may do so. In this project, my supervisors and I developed a novel model and are conducting a series of studies to enhance our understanding of whether, when and how mindfulness benefits prosocial and decreases anti-social behaviour among diverse domains (i.e. the Dutch Police, prejudice, romantic relationships) using a variety of methods (i.e. self-report, daily diary, experimental designs).