Modelling physics learning

1 September 2022 until 31 August 2026
Project member(s)
Roeland Boot
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This research focuses on designing a learning line on Physics Modelling for vwo students. Modelling is a central skill in science education. In the design, modelling is not taught as a "separate" skill but as a central element in learning the natural sciences. In short: not just learning to model, but modelling learning.

In the study, we gain insight into the modelling skills needed, the way students subsequently use these to learn about natural science and the insights they gain about natural science methods and the nature of science. The relevance of this research lies in the fact that models are at the heart of natural science, particularly physics. Physics research consists of developing and experimentally evaluating physics models and therefore understanding models is important for understanding the nature of science. In addition, working with models is important for interpreting and valuing public information on model outcomes.

The study follows the approach of a design study. After an initial phase of literature review and initial design, a team of teachers will refine the curriculum and try it out in practice. In the final phase of the research, the effectiveness of the curriculum will be examined in a comparative study.