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  • The Language of Pain in Bolivian Spanish and Quechua

    The ability to feel pain is universal to all human beings, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or age. It has been shown, however, that the exact nature of one’s pain experience is all but universal and can differ greatly depending on social factors.

  • Turntaking in dialogue in populations with communicative impairment

    This project constructs and tests an interactional paradigm to assess the impact of various spoken-language impairments on naturalistic language use.

  • Besienderhuis photo

    Faculty of Arts @ Besiendershuis

    The Faculty of Arts has started a long-term collaboration with Besiendershuis, the iconic building on the river Waal, which focuses on developing cultural residencies and presenting public-oriented artistic programmes for the benefit of the city.

  • Logo Mine Project

    Mine Project: Mapping Identity, Needs and Emotions in ADHD

    People with ADHD tell fascinating live stories. In this project, we listen to them in order to really get to know them, how they feel and what they need.

  • Fashion & Food Synergy for Sustainability

    The project “Fashion & Food Synergy for Sustainability” develops new digital modules, tools, and webinars, related to sustainability and future trends in the fields of fashion & food.

  • ChatGPT put to the test: how did it do in its accounting exams?

    Historical research using Artificial Intelligence

    Despite the popularity of AI software among students, training in its effective use is often lacking. Tim Riswick wants to ensure that students of the Bachelor's in History learn to make effective use of AI in (historical) research.

  • Studenten samen aan het werk op een laptop.

    Development of interactive online teaching methodology

    During the coronavirus pandemic, all lectures took place online. There is a significant chance that a hybrid form of education will continue to exist. Evelien Heijselaar develops an educational methodology to give interactive lessons online.

  • Foto banner Geneeskunde

    Didactic skills for medical students in the free choice housemanship

    Medical students indicate that they feel insufficiently prepared to teach. Mike and Jolanda want to change that with their voucher. They develop the new curriculum in which students acquire didactic knowledge and practical skills.

  • Reading aloud at Kletskoppen Festival


    Kletskoppen is a project in which scientists present their knowledge of language and language development to children (2-12 years old) and their (grand)parents in a cheerful and playful way.

  • Creativity development as a didactic tool for making vwo upper secondary students understand historical literature within the subject Dutch

    Creativity development in education has great potential. This research aims to gain insight into why it appears not to be easy for teachers to shape this ideal starting point in the classroom. It is unclear what causes this.

  • Uitleg SMASH model


    Our project, SMASH, is working on a new way to understand how people communicate with each other beyond words.

  • illustration of connections in the brain

    Disruptively green neuromorphic scientific computing leveraging stochasticity

    We will develop algorithms for neuromorphic hardware with computational material science as a use case. This will create more fundamental knowledge on next-generation materials for neuromorphic hardware.

  • Painting of emperor Trajan with pagans

    'Pagan' Virtues: Emperor Trajan as a Behavioral Model for Wayward Rulers

    This project examines how Emperor Trajan was regarded as a behavioral model for rulers in the Middle Ages and Early Modern mirrors for princes.

  • Protesters holding signs in Civil Rights March

    Black America and Europe

    This project analyses the ways notions and images of ‘Black America’ play a role in which Europeans understand racism and Black European activism.

  • Wandelend Park

    Sit with a scientist in the 'Walking park'

    The ‘Walking Park’ is a pop-up park that moves to a different spot in the city center every three months. The new video series "Sit with a Scientist" is connected to the pop-up park.

  • data storage

    ASTRAL: Novel technologies for data transfer 

    ASTRAL will exploit the exclusive ability of light to initiate ultrafast spin dynamics and will attempt to interconvert femtosecond laser pulses into large-amplitude ultrashort SW pulses.

  • RNA

    Studying RNA-metabolite interactions

    In Velema’s project, researchers will study how RNA interacts with small molecules in the cell, called metabolites.

  • Robot lab

    Robot lab for Big Chemistry in the Netherlands

    The interdisciplinary research programme aims to build a revolutionary robot lab that combines chemistry and artificial intelligence (AI) and that will enrich the scientific infrastructure for chemistry in the Netherlands.

  • ‘Doorbraken op komst voor energiezuinige dataopslag’

    Brain-inspired computing

    In the project' Neuromorphic computational and data Science: towards disruptively green computing', IBM, SURF and Radboud University investigate how neuromorphic hardware can meet green and sustainable energy need.

  • led

    Molecular properties and light emission in electroluminescent devices

    The research study provides a blueprint for future systematic research to unravel how a current flow in an electroluminescent device such as an OLED eventually leads to light and what the role the molecular properties play.