Neel Doff’s
Neel Doff’s

Neel Doff’s translingual urban wanderings

1 July 2018
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Dr A.P.H. Geurts (Anna)
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This project grows out of Anna Geurts’s Dutch translation of Neel Doff’s 1921 novel Keetje trottin (Keetje op straat: Uitgeverij IJzer, 2021). Doff’s autobiographical Keetje trilogy exemplifies female working-class flânerie, a form of touristic pleasure more often associated with well-off men. The story itself also travelled: from Amsterdam to Paris and Brussels, and from Dutch to French and back to Dutch. This project will therefore also entail an examination of the early reception of this trilogy and of Doff as a transnational author, as well as an examination of her later reception among Dutch audiences, under the influence of cross-media translations into book, film and song.

Uitgeverij IJzer



  • Keetje op straat: Uitgeverij IJzer, 2021
  • 1 peer-reviewed article about flânerie
  • 2 peer-reviewed articles about reading, writing and reception


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