Women with emoji stickers on her face
Women with emoji stickers on her face

New emoji proposal

1 March 2022 until 1 December 2023
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Dr A.J.P. Verheijen (Lieke)
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The loudly crying face 😭, the laughing turd 💩, thumbs up 👍🏻. These emoji are widely known. But how do new emojis come about? With this study, online communication expert Lieke Verheijen wants to examine how the emoji submission process works in practice. What does the Unicode Consortium, which has to approve all emojis, look for? What characterises a successful emoji submission? Can we submit a successful emoji proposal ourselves? The ultimate goal is to have a new music emoji accepted by the Unicode Consortium. For this, Verheijen will cooperate with Radio Veronica and Dr. Neil Cohn (Tilburg University), an emoji expert, who has previously submitted four successful emoji proposals.


Centre for Language Studies (CLS) - Valorisation Grant


Radio Veronica

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