OBSeRVeD project AC&C
OBSeRVeD project AC&C


Odour Based Selective Recognition of Veterinary Diseases
2022 until 2028
Project member(s)
P.J.M. Deenekamp (Pascalle) Dr J. Meurs (Joris) Dr S.M. Cristescu (Simona)
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Many (animal) diseases are accompanied by the release of volatile substances that form a specific odour. As a result, it regularly happens that veterinarians visit a livestock farm and can already make a diagnosis on entering the stable based on the smell they perceive. In this project, researchers from universities and colleges, together with companies and institutions, have joined a consortium to develop a sensor that can detect these odours and thus warn the farmer at an early stage of a possible outbreak. Different sensor platforms and different chemical material functionalisation strategies will be compared, and the best combinations will be used for further development. Analytical methods will be employed at RU to analyse extensively the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) related to the disease odour. We aim to study the relation between the VOCs and disease and investigate the possibility to use these VOCs as biomarkers for early detection. These data will be used in the development of the e-nose-based sensors.


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NWA‐ORC 2020/2021