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Project type

OpenWebSearch.EU is a project to develop and pilot the core for a European Open Web Index (OWI) and the foundation of an open and extensible European Open Web Search and Analysis Infrastructure (OWSAI) by bringing together strong European players, who jointly define, develop and pilot an open technological backbone for cooperative web search. The proposed pilot infrastructure will demonstrate, how search applications and web-based AI data products can be realized through cooperative crawling, analysis, storing and indexing of web content. The project will demonstrate the feasibility and potential of an open European web index and how it stimulates a competitive web search and web data product market. Therefore, the pilot aims to reach a technology readiness level (TRL) of 5.


Despite being a backbone of our digital economy, web search is dominated by a few big tech gatekeepers. Thus, information as public good, with free, unbiased and transparent access is not under public control anymore. This imbalance of the search engine market endangers democracy and limits the innovative potential of Europe’s research landscape and economy.


Over the next three years the researchers will develop the core of a European Open Web Index (OWI) as a basis for a new Internet Search in Europe. In addition, the initiative will set the foundation for an open and extensible European open Web Search and Analysis Infrastructure (OWSAI), based on Europe’s values, principles, legislation and standards.

The Benefits?

The envisioned infrastructure will not only restore an open human-centered search engine market and contribute to Europe’s independence for navigating and searching the web. It will also empower Europe’s researchers, innovators and business to systematically tap into the Web as business and innovation resource.


For the OpenWebSearch.eu initiative, 14 renowned European research and computer centers from 7 countries have joined forces to develop an open European infrastructure for web search.