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  • Server rack

    Innovative data sharing to reduce impact of cancer (HERACLES)

    The HERACLES project aims to reduce the impact of cancer by establishing an innovative, privacy-friendly infrastructure and agreement system for broad data sharing.

  • Single cell technology in drug discovery

    Better understanding of complex biological processes at the cellular level, can lead to better understanding of how drug molecules work, better predicting side effects, and which patient groups benefit more or less from medication.

  • Inclusieve algoritmes

    FuRoRe: Foundations for Robust Runtime monitoring

    This project focuses on enhancing the control mechanism of autonomous systems, specifically runtime monitors, in uncertain situations.

  • Construction - GS4S project

    Global Strategy for Skills, Migration, and Development (GS4S)

    GS4S seeks to better understand global skills shortages in selected sectors and strengthens evidence-based policies through new evidence on various overlooked global mobility schemes.

  • Balie Psychiatrie Radboudumc

    Nasal spray for severe depression

    Patients with difficult-to-treat depression can come to Radboudumc for treatment with esketamine nasal spray. This spray was developed by Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine.

  • weefsel onder microscoop

    Early detection and treatment of lung cancer

    Radboudumc and J&J are jointly working on research into the early detection and treatment of lung cancer. This collaboration is part of the European IHI project IMAGIO.

  • Co2

    GELSONDE: gaining better understanding of nitrogen dioxide

    The GELSONDE project brings together a team of materials chemists and sensor specialists who are joining forces to create a new, low-cost, and portable sensor.

  • agriculture

    GREENFRUIT: energy efficient fruit quality monitoring

    The project team will advance the research & development activities to the next level. They focus on providing solutions reducing storage energy consumption by promoting green and energy efficient fresh fruit storage & sustainable agriculture

  • DANDY study

    In this pharmacological study, we will examine the influence of two so-called neurotransmitters on the stress response, dopamine and noradrenaline.

  • ORA study

    To examine the effects of noradrenaline and cortisol on memory over time, you will be invited to the DCCN for 3 times in total.

  • TRuSt study

    In this study we want to investigate the efficiency of a smartphone-based cognitive reappraisal training in preventing stress-induced impairments in effective emotion regulation.

  • Between Biology and Ethics: The Concept of Drive in Schelling's Philosophy

    The focus of my research is Schelling's philosophy of nature in general, and the concept of drive in particular, as it develops from his early philosophy of nature and freedom up to 1809.

  • Space

    Planet and Plot: Imagining Humanity in the Anthropocene

    Departing from a collection of novels dealing with climate change, this project investigates if and how literature can give a figure to being-human in the Anthropocene.

  • Wildfire in snow

    Affectivity in the Anthropocene

    This research project is devoted to affectivity in times of climate change.

  • Six lightbulbs against a dark background

    The Powers that Be

    This project explores what powers are.

  • Image of a tiger-bird hybrid

    Animal Imagination in human and non-human animals: a phenomenological paradigm

    This project proposes to bridge the gap between the humanities and a traditional, objectifying scientific approach by providing the conceptual and methodological framework for a fruitful dialogue between animal natural science and phenomenology.

  • Rome

    When Rome Lost the Golden Age

    This project aims to investigate the attempted transition into modernity, endeavoured by several literary and academic circles in Rome at the end of the seventeenth century by re-examining the academic culture and its institutions in the city.

  • Didymus’ Commentaar op de redevoeringen van Demosthenes: Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Scan: Berliner Papyrusdatenbank, P 9780


    Papyri unearthed in the sands of Egypt, fragmentary remains of bookrolls, provide a unique opportunity to study the ancient technology of the written medium. FIBRE studies the evidence from Roman Egypt using a novel, holistic approach.

  • cancer therapies

    Characterization of therapeutic anti-CXCR4 antibodies

    In this project therapeutic antibodies against CXCR4 are characterized, which have been selected from large scFv phage libraries and engineered into complete human(ized) antibodies in collaboration with ModiQuest BV.

  • Renumeration of the management board, especially in times of fundamental changes to a company, in the context of the Dutch stakeholder model

    Naomi Reijn is working on a dissertation with the working title 'Renumeration of the management board, especially in times of fundamental changes to a company, in the context of the Dutch stakeholder model'.