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  • Online medical consultation

    Interactional finesses of medical video consultations

    E-health is increasing and could provide solutions for accessible and sustainable healthcare in the future. However, little is still known about the characteristics of digital communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

  • Rainbow reflection on a wall

    Navigating uncertainty in gender incongruence and differences in sex development (DSD)/intersex conditions

    This project investigates how uncertainty in gender incongruence and differences in sex development (DSD) is displayed in interaction among healthcare professionals (HCP), among peers (adolescents/parents) and between HCP and adolescents/parents.

  • The digitalization of (para)medical consultation

    The digitalisation of (para)medical consultation

    The aim of this project is to identify the impact of digitalisation on (para)medical interaction in the context of professional practice, and to provide solutions that can support professionals in the use of these technologies.

  • People talking, indicated by speech bubbles

    Digital tools for analysing conversation

    In this project we work with the Netherlands eScience Center to create scientific computing tools that enable inclusive curation, rapid exploration and rich visualization of conversational data.

  • Sale of poetry books

    Empirical foundations of poetic rhyme

    The research project uses methods from experimental psychology and psycholinguistics to address fundamental questions about rhyme that have gone unnoticed in prior research.

  • Waving robot

    The body in language use

    Using a Conversation Analytic approach, this project inductively investigates what signals humans make relevant while interacting with a robot for the first time.

  • Gezicht beschilderd met regenboogkleuren

    Recent increase in treatment requests for transgender care

    This projects aims to gain insight into the reasons for the increase in transgender care in the Netherlands and into underlying social processes to achieve a better match between care wishes (from transgender persons) and treatment offerings.

  • Foto van een regenboog op een wit vensterkozijn

    Dealing with uncertainty in gender incongruence and DSD/intersex conditions

    Uncertainty plays a major role in the care of transgender and intersex children. In this project, linguistic scientists, ethicists and psychologists examine how uncertainty shows itself in both types of care and how those involved can deal with it.

  • Edward Hopper, Chop Suey (1929)

    Elementary particles of conversation

    Just below our awareness, small words like mmhm, huh? and oh streamline interaction and make complex language possible. Investigating them can help us understand why languages are the way they are and can help us build better language technology.