Research projects

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  • Corpus-based research into intra- and interpersonal language variation in people with aphasia

    People with aphasia (PWA) experience language impairments due to acquired brain damage. The aim of this project is therefore to make these individual differences measurable and record them, especially the differences within the speaker.

  • Man with VR glasses

    Dynamic Assessment of Everyday Communication using Virtual Reality (DCOM-VR)

    People with aphasia experience language impairments due to brain damage such as stroke. This project develops a reliable, ecologically valid tool to assess communicative ability, using virtual reality.

  • Phone with smart technology icons

    Smart Technology User Friendly Feedback For Life (STUFF-4-Life)

    This project investigates how digital health applications can be made suitable for people with low social economic status.

  • Young pupil learning on laptop


    This project investigates speech diagnostic output and how that data can be used to personalise learning-to-read trajectories.

  • Robot


    To gain more insight in someone's happiness and well-being, we work on the development of a conversational agent that speaks with people about daily life and well-being in Dutch.

  • Een kind leest van een tablet

    DART: Dutch Automatic Reading Tutor

    This project investigates how reading practice software with automatic speech recognition (ASH) and automatic feedback on reading aloud can best be developed and implemented in school practice and at home.