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  • The family Oestreicher


    The 'Drillingsberichte' are a collection of letters that provide insight into how the Jewish Oestreicher family fared before and during World War II.

  • Young pupil learning on laptop


    This project investigates speech diagnostic output and how that data can be used to personalise learning-to-read trajectories.

  • AI analysing human voice

    Responsible AI for Voice Diagnostics (RAIVD)

    This project refines healthcare/education by improving speech AI for neurodegenerative diagnosis and pronunciation assessment while ensuring privacy.

  • Girl reading a Spanish textbook upside down

    Stress in motion

    This interdisciplinary pre-registered study investigates how Dutch learners of Spanish produce multimodal lexical stress in Spanish-Dutch cognates (e.g., Spanish profeSOR vs. Dutch proFESsor).

  • Microphone and headset

    Relationships between hearing, cognition, spoken language processing, and vocabulary knowledge in hearing-impaired adults and children

    In order to shed more light on the relationships between poor auditory input and language performance, this project investigates relationships between crystallised language knowledge, hearing impairment, and individual cognitive abilities.

  • Megaphone on a wooden stool

    Individual differences in clear-Lombard speech modifications in noise

    This project documents intertalker differences in the acoustic modifications that speakers apply in noisy conditions.

  • Two children talking to each other sitting on the ground

    Head gestures as precursors of prosodic focus marking in the L2

    As prosodic discourse marking is challenging for both L1 and L2 learners, this project investigates whether this bootstrapping function of head gestures in prosodic focus marking also occurs in an L2 context.

  • A child watching an instructional video about (foreign) language

    The effect of (foreign) language in instructional videos

    An increasing number of companies are starting using instructional videos, which come in different forms and shapes, with and without the consumer's native language. This project investigates effective formats and what role language plays.

  • Radboud Students at a Lecture

    Role and impact of second language on study performance in higher education

    This study has investigated the challenges, benefits and disadvantages of studying in a language that is not your mother tongue, from the point of view of the non-native students themselves, but also from the point of other non-native communicators.

  • English dictionary and a map of England

    Reducing prejudiced reactions to non-native accentedness

    In this project, we investigate if the negative effects of non-native accents in English on how speakers are evaluated can be reduced by raising awareness of prejudicial reactions among listeners.

  • Person holding a lightbulb before a sunset

    Reasoning with arguments

    This project studies to what extent people are sensitive to arguments that respect and to arguments that do not respect norms for quality.

  • Three wired telephones

    Survey Language Attitudes in the Low Countries

    This project concerns a survey about the languages ​​spoken and taught in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia) and the attitude of language users towards the different languages, and organized a study afternoon about this.

  • 17th-century Dutch Courant message with "ABC" written across the page in blue

    Spread the new(s)!

    By investigating the (socio)linguistic factors in the functional implementation of a standard language, this project hypotheses that newspaper were crucial in the expansion of the Dutch standard language.

  • Sociolinguistic research on language and culture of the Mennonite community of ejido Salamanca, Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    This PhD research examines the language and culture in a community of Old Colony Mennonites newly formed in 2004 in southern Mexico, state of Quintana Roo.

  • Scrabble letters

    Morphological effects on syntactic variation

    In the literature on syntactic variation, several correlations between syntactic and morphological variation have been identified. In this project, we explore the possible correlation by evaluating existing generalisations and arguing for new ones.

  • Black and white connected dots and lines


    In this project, we investigate various methods for interpreting DL-based learning systems. Understanding which classes of applications require which DL analysis techniques is the core of our proposed project.

  • Rainbow reflection on a wall

    Navigating uncertainty in gender incongruence and differences in sex development (DSD)/intersex conditions

    This project investigates how uncertainty in gender incongruence and differences in sex development (DSD) is displayed in interaction among healthcare professionals (HCP), among peers (adolescents/parents) and between HCP and adolescents/parents.

  • The digitalization of (para)medical consultation

    The digitalisation of (para)medical consultation

    The aim of this project is to identify the impact of digitalization on (para)medical interaction in the context of professional practice, and to provide solutions that can support professionals in the use of these technologies.

  • Radboud Students at a Lecture

    Predictive Validity of a Diagnostic Academic Language Skills Test for First Year University Students

    Radboud University has developed a test, given to all undergraduate students, that aims to determine which students may need extra support to develop the academic language skills. This project aims to evaluate the predictive validity of the test.

  • Digitaal klaslokaal met leerlingen met computers en laptops

    More than just "Uh, was?"

    During lower secondary education pupils learn German for at least two years. This research investigates to what extent the teaching of plurilingual strategies during German classes can better prepare pupils for effective communication with speakers.