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  • Volksvermaak op het Bairamfeest, Jan Luyken, 1681

    Visualizing Gravity

    The PhD project investigates the conceptualisation of gravity in visual arts, before and after Isaac Newton’s treatise of 1687.

  • Hearing Conflicts (HEARCON)

    Hearing Conflicts (HEARCON)

    This research brings together an interdisciplinary team of scholars employing creative methodologies to explore museological strategies for contending with colonial histories and “difficult knowledge.”

  • Tekst uit een boek van het onderzoek PASSIM

    PASSIM project

    PASSIM studies the medieval reception of the Latin sermons preached by the Early Church Fathers, using a digital network of manuscripts.

  • Spain’s Años del Hambre

    This subproject, conducted by Dr Gloria Román Ruiz, investigates the legacies of the Spanish Years of Hunger (1939–1952).

  • Teaching Ireland’s Great Famine

    This project examines past and present educational materials and practices in primary and secondary education, museums and other heritage institutes.

  • Conflicting Legacies of Hunger in Germany

    This research project investigates educational mediations of German hunger conditions during and after World War I and World War II in Germany, from 1919 till the present.

  • Framing Famines

    Framing Famines foregrounds how memories of the past are (re)mediated from comparative perspectives, and how this influences a perception or experience of the past.

  • Teaching Great Famine Legacies in North America

    The research project Teaching Great Famine Legacies in North America is conducted by Prof. Marguérite Corporaal and investigates a rich corpus of Famine-related educational curricula and practices used by a host of institutions in the US and Canada.

  • The 1845–1848 Famine in Flanders and the Netherlands

    This project, conducted by Prof. Lotte Jensen, investigates this question, as well as how these famine legacies have been transmitted by museums, school curricula, and commemorative practices in the past and present.

  • Between Conflict and Solidarity

    This project is conducted by Dr Ingrid de Zwarte and analyses discourses of victim/perpetrator and solidarity in three heritage traditions centred on conflict between two nations.

  • Perceptions of travel in Byzantine saints' lives

    In this PhD project Irene Jacobs examines how the Byzantine authors of monastic saints’ lives engaged with travel.

  • Nineteenth-century Dutch authors travelling abroad

    The main focus of this research willl be the changes nineteenth-century Dutch authors observed in the countries they visisted and what happened after they had left.

  • Side by Side

    This project counters the separation between the post-war novels of Native American Renaissance writers and their German-speaking contemporaries.

  • The ‘First Ladies’ of the Dutch Republic

    By analyzing and comparing the political agency of four seventeenth-century Nassau consorts, this project will provide valuable new insights into the repertoires of power available to princely women.

  • Colonialism Inside Out

    This interdisciplinary project focuses on how ordinary people in Sri Lanka experienced and navigated normative institutions of taxation, legal action and religion that were set up by the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

  • Queen Bee: Carolyn Kizer (1923-2014) and her Cultural Orbit

    Dr Marian Janssen resigned from her job as director of Radboud University’s International Office to become Carolyn Kizer’s unauthorized biographer.

  • Source of Life: Water Management in the Premodern Middle East

    Source of Life: Water Management in the Premodern Middle East

    The Source of Life project combines historical and archaeological evidence to explore the interrelationship between water installations, governance, and legal and cultural frameworks within five Middle Eastern cities (the 7th-15th centuries).

  • Gemeentebestuur Middelburg, 1941

    Local governance between occupying power and citizens

    This comparative study focuses on policy questions and biographies of local governments in the Netherlands at the time of World War II.

  • Onrust rond het Maagdenhuis, 17 november 1969

    'To protect and serve'

    This project analyses how the Dutch police responded and adapted to societal and governmental pressure from the 1930s - 1980s.

  • Gebedenboek Maria van Gelre

    Mary of Guelders

    Radboud University, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin and Museum het Valkhof worked in close collaboration for four years on the restoration of the prayer book, the research and the development of an exhibition.